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Chives Cake Sunrise

Gui Chai Tod​

Crunchy, savory pancakes, sunny side up quail eggs, Sriracha sweet chili / 20

*gluten free, vegan upon request, raw


Tom Yum Goong Mousse​

The bold flavors of Thailand with our creamy Tom Yum bisque mousse. Served with crispy shrimp and topped with black caviar / 16


*gluten free, contains dairy, contains shellfish

Thai Grilled Pork Bliss

Moo Ping​

Juicy and tender Thai-style BBQ pork skewers, grilled to perfection with a spicy Thai mignonette sauce and tangy sweet Sriracha chili sauce / 15


*contains shellfish

Silken Calamari Soirée

Pla Muek Tod Sauce Kai Kem​

Tender calamari tubes and tentacles with creamy salt-cured egg yolk puree and topped with pops of black caviar, salt-cured egg yolk and fresh chives / 17


*contains shellfish, contains dairy

Tenderloin Temptation

Laab Koi​

Tenderloin tips with toasted baguette, zesty northern-style chili flakes, and fresh herbs. Topped with a rich quail egg yolk, dill, edible flowers, and micro herbs / 25



Curry Carnival

Roti Gang​

Freshly made crunchy and fluffy roti bread for dipping into three delicious curries: Panang, Turmeric and Massaman. Garnish with edible flower / 14


*contains peanut

Appetizer Symphony

Chef's Selection Bites

Mixed bites of our chef selected signature appetizers / 38


*contains shellfish, contains peanut, contains dairy, raw

Crispy Delights Unleashed

Khao Tang Na Tang

Homemade Crispy rice crackers with delightful, minced prawn and chicken combined with rich coconut dip, spicy chili peppers, dried shrimp floss and peanuts / 14

*gluten free, contains shellfish, contains peanut

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