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Tom Yum Goong Mousse​

The bold flavors of Thailand with our creamy Tom Yum bisque mousse. Served with crispy shrimp and topped with black caviar / 16


*gluten free, contains dairy, contains shellfish

Crispy Delights Unleashed

Khao Tang Na Tang

Homemade Crispy rice crackers with delightful, minced prawn and chicken combined with rich coconut dip, spicy chili peppers, dried shrimp floss and peanuts / 14

*gluten free, contains shellfish, contains peanut

Chives Cake Sunrise

Gui Chai Tod​

Crunchy, savory pancakes, sunny side up quail eggs, Sriracha sweet chili / 20

*gluten free, vegan upon request, raw


Fresh watermelon in savory-sweet Laab dressing with Thai herbs, red onion, micro cilantro, Vietnamese coriander, and crispy shallots / 14


*gluten free

Hot Basil Mussel

Succulent half-shell blue mussels infused with serrano peppers, basil, grounded Thai chili, and garlic. All combined in our signature stir-fried sauce, offering a medium-spicy complement with toasted baguette / 18


*contains shellfish, gluten free upon request

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