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Coconut Ice Cream Fantasy

Butterfly Pea Infusion

Butterfly Pea Flower infused coconut ice cream with fruit jelly and creamy salt-cured egg yolk / 14

*gluten free, vegan upon request

Zesty Mango Sticky Rice

Seasonally ripe mangoes delicately served with house made Butterfly Pea coconut ice cream, coconut gel and coconut veil / 15


*gluten free, vegan upon request

Flavors of the East

Galangal Cream Delight

A rich, creamy dessert infused with the exotic warmth of Galangal. Served alongside fresh seasonal tea / 12


*contains dairy, gluten free upon request

Dessert Wonderland

Whimsical Chocolate Tree

Rich chocolate soil, Lychee rosewater sorbet, mango gel, raspberry gel swirls and edible moss. Topped with a whimsical chocolate tree and fluffy cotton candy clouds / 22


*contains dairy

Sorbet / Sherbet / Ice Cream

Surprise of the Day

Ask Your Server / 7


*contains peanut, contains tree nuts

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